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Since I'm very passionate about my creative career, let’s cut straight to the chase... Recently, worked on a small Google Maps Actionscript API demo – click the "Studio" tab to test it.
Some of my recent clients include BMO Financial Group, Ingram Micro, AutoTrader.com, Critical Mass, Mercer Human Resource Consulting, and Bell XpressVu.

Most of my bigger projects have focused on doing front end web production However I still enjoy having full creative freedom. The samples on this site represent the more personal projects. Often people ask if I'm a programmer or designer and my answer is – both. It’s great being able to use both sides of my brain! My creative talents were honed in graduate school at Savannah College of Art & Design

In the current Web 2.0 era javascript has taken on even more significance thanks to the smart guys at Google and Yahoo! By employing some of the best javascript libraries out there(jQuery – my fav, script.aculo.us, mootools, YUI) almost anyone can create really cool effects in their website. It’s not rocket science but it still has the wOw! effect.

I am a creative professional with a focus on web based multimedia projects and strong bias toward accessible, user–friendly standards compliant development. My skills include a good eye for design, creative coding ability and attention to detail.

»The Web as I see it...

Art and science combined — technology and design merged, fused, jammed together to create a medium with form and function... Thesis and anti–thesis produce this amazing synthesis. Left brain and right brain produce whole brain interactive experiences.

My ultimate goal is to leverage my engineering background by using my liberal arts graduate education to create state of the art, functional designs, not just eye candy.

As my thesis supervisor, at the Savannah College of Art & Design rightly said — now we are ready to ROCK THE WORLD!

»Can we talk?...


This is my experimental / studio space where you can find projects I'm currently working on. Most of these pieces will be works in progress therefore comments and suggestions are always accepted. Click on the contact tab to send your feedback. Thank you.

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